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Founded in 2010, kidsfirst at Sunset View is a non-profit dedicated to making a life-long difference in the lives of every student. Through the generosity of time and dollars, kidsfirst has been able to fund additional staff, programs and supplies that the students wouldn’t have otherwise been able to receive.

Mission & Vision

The Mission of kidsfirst at Sunset View is to enrich the educational experiences of the students at Sunset View Elementary through volunteerism and fundraising. Our vision is to create a community that provides the financial and human resources to support learning opportunities that enhance the kindergarten through fourth grade educational experience of every student.

We thrive on the altruistic support of parents, teachers, grandparents, friends and members of the business community who donate their time, talent and treasure. This generosity helps maintain and grow new opportunities for educational programs, technologies and events that directly support students at Sunset View Elementary.