Letter from Kids First

Message from the Chairman of the Board and President

Each year, we have the opportunity to look back on all the ways we’ve worked to fulfill the needs of our children and our school community. After reading through the annual report from 2012-2013, we believe you will share our pride in what we’ve all accomplished together. You will see incredible generosity reflected in our record fundraising, countless volunteer hours provided by dedicated and tireless parent/volunteers, new value added programs and experiences for your children and the undeniable positive impact that comes from parents and teachers working together for the betterment of our children’s elementary school experience.

More than ever, we are committed to ensuring Kids First at Sunset View is a good steward of your donations and efforts. That is because, when it comes down to it, Sunset View Elementary is not just an elementary school – it is your child’s early education and an important part of your community. Thanks to all who have helped us exceed our goals and fulfill our mission.

Anne Tadder, Chairman Kids First at Sunset View 2013-2014
Holly Johnson, President First at Sunset View 2013-2014

Please see the full 2012-2013 Annual Report.


Together, We Have Achieved Great Things!

We have worked hard to host multiple record-setting events and utilized an incredible number of volunteer hours to make that happen. This, in turn, has paid for many of our favorite programs and some exciting new opportunities at Sunset View.
This past school year we listened to you by cutting out some of the smaller fundraisers while keeping some great traditions, just doing them better than ever before. Due to all of YOUR support in the 2012-2013 school year, we raised a total of $229,933! With this money, we were able to fund:


VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts)
Art Corps.
Additional Teacher
Over 600 hours of teacher’s aides in the classroom
249 New library books
Computer Lab Technician
Discretionary classroom funds for each teacher
M.A.R.E. (Marine Activities, Resources and Education)
Go Green Program
Everyone A Reader
Running Club
Character Counts Program
K-1 Book Club
Shades in the Lunch Arbor
Poetry Program


We also heard your requests for more science and updated technology in the classrooms. A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) committee was initiated at Sunset View. This innovative group includes parents, teachers, our principal and community experts who have been working very hard to enrich our children’s education in these areas. We hosted a Family Science Night, which offered hands-on science learning and got all participants excited about marine life, chromatography, U-V light, circuits and more! Kids First also funded planning days to give teachers at each grade level the opportunity to work together to further develop existing science programs to make them more interactive and exciting for our students including: expansion of FOSS (Full Option Science System from Berkeley) and curriculum in the classrooms with the addition of “Designing Bridges”, “Oil Spill Technology”, Robotics, the Scientific Method and Science Fair projects. The STEM committee will present a comprehensive budget for more exciting STEM programs for 2013-2014, including usage concepts for the technology lab.


We’re proud of all that we’ve been able to accomplish with our incredibly supportive community. Thank you for another great year at Sunset View.


Anne Tadder
Chairman of the Board


Holly Johnson
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