Kids First at Sunset View oversees the bulk of the extracurricular activities, enrichment programs and fundraising events at Sunset View Elementary.

Here is a quick reference guide as to everything that goes on over the school year.

Kids First at Sunset View – Programs List


E-Blast – Sunset View parents can stay in the loop by joining our eBlast newsletter. This informational online newsletter will highlight the weekly calendar, special events, testing dates, volunteer opportunities, holidays, emergency alerts, educational programs and fundraisers. To sign up for this newsletter, simply go to the Sunset View website at and submit your email in the eBlast sign-up box. Parents can also find up to date information on the school’s website, as well as Facebook updates.

Room Parents – The Room Parents’ primary job is to facilitate communication between families and Sunset View.  We ask that you promote fellowship within the School community by organizing student, parent and family activities.  Most room parent duties will be developed in conjunction with the teacher.  You are able to sign up to be a room parent at Curriculum Night in your child’s classroom.

Directory – During the first week of school, forms will be provided for each family to provide the best contact information for our school directory which comes out in early fall.  This is a great way to connect with classmates for playdates or volunteer opportunities.

Yearbook – The yearbook is produced each year by a group of parents and sold at the end of the year.  There will be many opportunities to purchase a yearbook for your child  throughout the year.  Turn in any pictures that you might have for the yearbook on a disk labeled “yearbook” in the Kids First mailbox in the office.

SSC - The School Site Council is a shared decision-making body composed of parents, staff, and classified personnel. Our Council identifies needs for academic programs and sets budgets.  The Site Council is responsible for approving our school’s budget for the compensatory education funds we receive each year. These funds are allocated by the state and federal governments to serve the educational needs of low-income children.

Governance - The Site Governance Team (SGT) is a shared decision-making body that includes parents, staff, and the principal. The team meets once a month to discuss and make decisions about issues affecting our school and our children.  The agendas are available for public review and the meetings are open to the public. Parents and staff members are welcomed and encouraged to bring questions and concerns to their SGT representatives so that they can be brought to the team.


Annual Giving – Kids First’s Annual Giving Campaign  begins in the fall and continues throughout the year.  With contribution of $500 per family per year  ($55/month), we can help ensure that, despite our school district’s financial circumstance, Sunset View Elementary maintains all the programs necessary for the well-rounded education of your student.  The importance of each and every family’s contribution to the well-being of Sunset View cannot be overstated.  Whether it be the art & music program, a librarian, class size reduction, or any of the other vital benefits funded by Kids First;  without the generous dollars raised through the Annual Giving program Sunset View would simply not be able to maintain the highest level of standard it has come to enjoy today.

Corporate Giving – If you have a business or know of a business that would be interested in either providing Sunset View Elementary with a donation (providing a tax-free charitable donation or providing a grant/donation through the company’s foundation) or advertising (for example: a local company trying to reach Point Loma families) with SVE, please contact:
We are always interested in meeting new companies who would like to “give
back” to their community and receive marketing benefits (signage at events, print & web advertising) throughout the year.

Fresh & Easy – Ready, set, and start saving your Fresh & Easy receipts for Sunset View from September 12th-December 31st 2012! For every $20 spent at Fresh & Easy our school will earn $1 (i.e. $20-$39.99=$1,$40-$59.99=$2,$60-$79.99=$3…etc…) This is by

By far our easiest fundraiser to date and we have been the grand prize winner in all of California competing against over 1,500 schools for an additional $5,000 the last three years raising nearly $11,000 each year! All you need to do is start shopping and saving any and all receipts starting on September 12, 2012! Tell your friends & neighbors to save receipts as well!

Halloween Carnival – The Halloween Carnival has been a Sunset View Elementary & Point Loma Community tradition since the 1950’s. Families of Sunset View Elementary as well as families throughout the community are invited to attend. There are games tailored for all ages. From a simple lollipop spin game to a fantastic haunted house there is something for everyone to enjoy. Costume contest, bake sale, fishing pier, games, silly string zone and obstacle course and are just a few of the items featured each year. There are also food and drinks available for sale during the event. This is a fun event for the whole family to enjoy!

Jog-A-Thon – This is our biggest student fundraiser of the year! Funds raised help to support ALL of the Kidʼs First at Sunset View programs and events that make our school one of the best elementary schools in San Diego. It is a large portion of our yearly budget. The day is filled from beginning to end with field events, community sponsors and runners!  The success of the jog-a-thon is dependent on our students and the many wonderful volunteers. It is a day NOT to be missed!

Dinner Dance Auction – Since the inaugural Sunset View Dinner-Dance-Auction in 1997, the event has brought in about approximately 50% of our Foundation’s annual fundraising dollars.  This is a fun ‘adult’ evening out, where attendees are able to bid on fabulous items from spa treatments, summer camps to vacations. Guest also enjoy sumptuous food, entertainment and dancing. The money raised by the Dinner-Dance-Auction event helps Kids First at Sunset View continue to provide funding for enrichment programs that are considered “extras” at other schools.  These include VAPA, Poetry program, science program support, fitness education support, new library books, computer lab teacher, classroom aides and additional staff to lower class size.   All of these enrichment programs would disappear from Sunset View without the financial support and success from this important and energizing auction event.

Sally Foster – Beautiful quality gift wrap and delicious cookie dough! For years people have loved purchasing this wonderful gift wrap and 50% of the purchase price comes back to our school.  This fundraiser takes place in the fall so you are able to meet all of your holiday wrapping and baking needs with the pre-portioned cookie dough that is oven ready from your freezer and is available in many different amazing flavors!

Logo Wear – Sunset View Logo Wear can be purchased on-line with a credit card by visiting the Sunset View website at  Every Friday is a great day to show school spirit with the teachers and staff by wearing your Sunset View Logo Wear!

Student Programs

Art Corps. – ART CORPSTM is a comprehensive, developmental curriculum, which teaches art fundamentals by bringing process oriented hands-on art experiences to the classroom.  It is uniquely designed to provide onsite workshops that prepare parent volunteers to go into the classroom and provide art lessons to children in grades K-8. There are 8 training workshops per grade level per year. In the first 7 lessons, a concept of art is explored through examples of famous art and a project focused on that concept. In the final lesson each year a famous artist is featured whose artwork is used to inspire a project for the children. A variety of mediums and art genres are explored.  You can sign up to be an art corps. volunteer in your child’s class on curriculum night.

After School Enrichment –Offered on Thursday afternoons on campus starting at approximately 12:50pm for one-hour. Programs range from sports, science, music, chess, yoga and various others. Sessions take place four times per academic year and run for approximately 8 weeks. Flyers are sent home several weeks before the start of each sessions and details are also available via our weekly e-blast.

Note: These programs are not supervised by the school or Kids First and it is a parental decision if you feel comfortable with their child walking from their class to their after-school session. Vendors for the courses are contracted via Fit Kids America, or 760-804-1931; who also perform background checks on the instructors and manage all aspects of administration of the programs.

Spanish – Offered on Campus on Thursday mornings in B5 at 8:00am for fifty minutes prior to school.  Classes are offered during the entire school year, so it is necessary to sign up during September.  Classes are offered by Sign and Speak Spanish.

Running Club – Running Club is every morning from 8:45 – 9:00.  For each lap the student runs, they get a ticket, seven (7) tickets equals a mile.  Classroom teachers collect tickets and tally mileage all year. Kindergarteners are able to join running club after Thanksgiving vacation.  We have an assembly at the end of the school year to honor our top runners.  Incentives for our running club include:

Every ten miles = a running foot for key chain.

Every twenty five (25) miles equals a ribbon.

100 miles (75 miles for kindergartners) = a trophy (end of year) and field trip with Coach Brucker

Everyone A Reader – Reading tutors are making a difference in a child’s life! This important program is designed for students in first and second grade who are struggling with reading. The one-on-one tutoring provided by our wonderful volunteers is the most effective and rewarding way to raise the reading levels and confidence of a child. Our reading tutors receive a one time, two hour training and are asked to commit to one hour per week to tutor. The program runs each year from November through May.  For more information, please contact Mandy Buss or Lisa Hill.

Book Club – Book Club volunteers from kindergarten and first grade classrooms will award the students for every one hundred minutes they have read on their own or with an adult.  The reading minutes are tracked on weekly basis and the students attempt to read at least 100 minutes each week.  The goal is to encourage our young readers and reward them for their great efforts toward learning to read!  You can sign up to be the Book Club Representative for your child’s class at Curriculum Night.

GardenSeed to Table:  Gardening with Kids!

Gardening at Sunset View is a group effort!  We are actively encouraging everyone to participate in whatever aspect of Gardening at Sunset View is the most comfortable for you.  We are always looking for classroom volunteers, grant writers, and individuals to help with our compost, native garden, farmers market and butterfly enclosure. Gardening with the children is incredibly  enriching! If you are interested in being part of the garden there is allot of room for whatever you’d like to do!  Please grab your shovel and work gloves and join us in exploring the process of Seed to Table.

Book Fair - The Scholastic Book Fair is a terrific fundraiser that supports the schools
reading efforts and adds books to the library and classrooms.  For one week, our auditorium is transformed into a bookstore for our kids.  We have daily events, including a morning filled with Muffins for Moms and a morning for Dads and Doughnuts to give the parents an opportunity to peruse the bookstore with their children over breakfast.  Over 50% of the revenue comes back to the school in the form of books or cash.  It’s a big event with lots of volunteer support that lasts one week.

Sunwise Hats – All new Kindergarten children are provided with a sunhat at Sunset View.  All children are encouraged by teachers to wear these hats during recess, lunch and PE, as well as field trips.  They are educated by our Coach on the reasons why it is important to wear a hat in the sun as well as other ways to be sun safe.

School Community Events

Point Loma Cluster – The Point Loma Cluster consists of all of the elementary schools, Dana and Correia Middle Schools and Point Loma High School.  Meetings are held which are open to anyone who is interested and you can also receive updates on Cluster wide news and events via the Cluster e-blast. Sign up at

Kick off Dinner – The Kick-Off Dinner is a great way to start the school year off on a fun and celebratory note!  Families bring their lounge chairs and blankets to set up a picnic dinner on our field.  Food is available for purchase and we always enjoy the entertainment provided by the kindergarten classrooms!

Walk to School – Thank you to Peets Coffee for being a sponsor for the second year in a row. Parents received a free cup of coffee before they walked with their kids. All the children gathered and formed new friendships while they received their walk to school sticker for the day. Teachers and parents gathered the happy group and walked the 1/2 mile to SSV early enough to participate in the running club.

Book Exchange – What a great opportunity to keep everyone excited about reading at no cost!  At this fun annual event, students bring in their gently used, but no longer
read books and trade them in for books that are “new” to them from other
students.  It’s like a book swap meet.  This event scheduled for March works
because of our wonderful SSV volunteers!  Please contact Lisa Hill for more
information. Thank you!

Each month has special meaning at Sunset View!  We focus on one of these character traits each month.  Classrooms read a story about the trait and engage in activities to reinforce the meaning.  We have a fun Character Counts Corner in the library with a fresh selection of books each month as the words change and our wonderful librarian reads a story from the Corner to each class. To keep the conversations going at home, the trait along with learning suggestions are posted in weekly eblasts to SVE families.

Teacher Appreciation – Teacher appreciation is a great way to thank our teachers and staff for all that they do to make Sunset View a great school.  It is usually celebrated in the spring with treats traditionally provided by the kindergarten parents and a luncheon one day that week.  The room parents also organize celebrations in the classroom to honor each individual teacher.

Coffee Cart – Sunset View Elementary Coffee cart has been a icon for many years serving homemade brew to parents at the running club. $1.00 a cup is the best deal in town with additional random surprises such as muffins and pastries.  All funds go to restock the coffee cart and support additional supplies for Coach Brucker. Many parent volunteers are needed to help continue and foster the coffee cart.  The SSV Parents love the camaraderie the coffee cart brings to the running club.

Bake Sale – Bake Sale is a crazy and amazing tradition at Sunset View.  Most Fridays after school you will see the kids jockeying to purchase treats and snacks in the lunch arbor.  Each class has one to two turns a year to host Bake Sale and the proceeds from their turn go directly to the classroom to fund field trips and materials specifically for that class.  The room parents will let you know when your child’s class is hosting.  Bring your 50 cents and join in the fun on Fridays!

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