While kidsfirst funds amazing programs and materials that enrich student lives, we are also working closely with teachers and staff nearly every day to help identify changing needs and plan for the future. With careful strategic planning and your continued financial support, kidsfirst can maximize our investment in the students and make the most out of today– and tomorrow! Below is a brief list of the programs we fund.

New to the list is STEAM Field Days. During STEAM Field Days, students will have the opportunity to rotate through one hour of each of the following: a science experiment, an engineer build, technology lesson, performing & visual art lesson, and math games. STEAM Field Days will occur 7 times during the school year. This would allow teachers a planning day without the hassles of a substitute. Instead of subs, kids would spend the day rotating through the STEAM activities with content area experts.  Meanwhile, teachers are released for the day to participate in grade level collaboration. Teacher collaboration is an invaluable process that aligns grade level work, improves instructional practices, and accelerates student achievement.   A WIN WIN for both students and teachers!

STEAM Field Days
VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts)
Arts For Learning
Go Green Program
Everyone A Reader
Running Club
Book Club
Poetry Program
Lego Robotics
Science Club
Glee Club
Sunset View Cares Club

We are also funding two teachers this year to keep class sizes small and avoid combo classes.

If you wish to present a new program to the board.  Please download this Proposals form and send to Stephanie Abbott.