Our Donors and Sponsors

We are so thankful to our annual giving donors and sponsors for their generous support.  For without your donations kidsfirst couldn't make available all the wonderful enrichment programs we provide today. 

Thank you to our Corporate Annual Giving sponsors!!


Southwell Baker Family
Dana, Cory, Kelly, Will & Dempsey


2018-2019 Annual Giving Donors

Poseidon ($2,000 and higher)

The Belk Family

Bob and Candy Bowlsby

Cecy and Gary London

Geoff Morse and Ellen Freund

The Niner Foundation

The Oakes Mueller Family

Kevin and Jill Smith

The Spradling Family

The Spear Family

The Werdenberg Family

The Zucker Law Firm


Whale ($1,250-$1,999)

Erik and Colleen Anderson

The Baker Family

Scott and Nina Bassler

Tracey and Angela Beal

The Bergal Family

Judd and Alys Braun

The Brewster Family

Kurt and Joanne Bruskotter

The Burnett Family

Travis and Ashlyn Carter

Lance and Victoria Cole

The Coor Family

The DeMeyer Family

Miles and Jocelyn Doughty

The Egan Family

Allen Fulmer and Carol Perrin

The Greenway Family

Alex and Megan Guyott

The Haden Family

Alan Holmes

Cara Holmes

The Johnson Brothers

Peter N. Karvelis, APC/ Peter and Callie Karvelis

The Kay Family

The Lyford Family

The Malarkey Family

Greg and Lynnae McCarty

Chad and Lisa O'Conner

The Ondre Family

Paul and Korrie Rahilly

Lisa and Mike Ramsey

Kevin and Katie Rooney

The Schneir Family

Matt and Abby Smith

Trish and Jonathon Spangler

The Spydell Family

The Swanston Family

Travis and Sheila Thomas

The Traino Family

The Tyrell Family

The Wagner Family

The Wyatt Family


Dolphin ($750-$1,249) 

Jamie and Drew Freedman

Kevin and Michelle Hemstreet

The Litteken Family

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Neff

The Nelson Family

The Haring Family

The Tontz Family


Stingray ($500-$749)

The Barlow Family

The Bernal Family

Juan and Diana Calderon

The Cannavino Family

Dori and Eric Einhorn

Erik Griffin

Spencer Hartley

The Hindman Family

The Iwasaki Family

The Jaibaji Family

The Keltner Family

The McKillop Family

The Perich Family

Meredith Pung and Jon Vance

Lara and Jud Quiggle

Kristine and Todd Redmond

Andrew and Katie Roy

Toby and Yara Russell

The Scholtemeyer Family

Jason and Kristie Shelby

The Shields Family

Kelvin Smock

Bonnie Stokes Soria

Walter and Tammy Spath

Katie Fulmer

The Stout Family

The Stroud Family

Marco Tomassi

The Viora Family

Tom and Sarah Wood


Tuna ($250-$499) 

The Aldrich Family

The Bacia Family

The Bergmann Family

The Ching Family

Christy and Steve Connor

The Cook Family

The Cupps Family

Tamara Fukumoto

Gerardi Family

The Gray Family

The Kahn Family

The Keel Family

The Kinkade Family

Stephanie Leigh

The Lewis Family

Siri and Oliver Martin

The Maruccia Family

The Noonan Family

The Peterson Family

The Pritchett Family

Leslie Hazard and Tom Ruff

Malisa Anderson and Casey Schnoor

Jaiden Thomsen

Starfish ($100-$249)

The Adams Family

The Aylsworth Family

The Brown Family

Bill and Lisa Carey

Mel Monteclano

The Cole Family

Liam Desjardins

Blake and Kim Eudy

Lyla Evans

The Fensterer Family

The Green Family

The Gustafson Family

The Gutierrez Family

The Haffey Family

The Hamrick Family

The Hayden Family

John and Michele Long

Lulu The Dog

The Holohan Family

Henry Holtslag

Lily Inzunza

Chloe Jones

The Karty Family

The Kimball Family

The Lane Family

Finn Laragione

The Macoubray Family

The McDonald Family

The Makley Family

Luciane Mallonn

Kim Kinton

The Noonan Family

Nate and Kate Paradis

The Patel Family

The Petrie Family

The Relph Family

The Reyes Family

Jason Rogers

Patrick Sanders

Nancy and Dave Schroeder

The Schroth Family

The Settineri Family

The Stanford Family

The Thor Family

The Ueno Family

Adam and Jen Whalen

Rhea Williams

The Willink Family

Sarah Zakaria

Other Donation Amounts

The Alsina Family

Pete and Giuliana Balistreri

The Braun Family

The Briceno Family

Jon and Kelli Burwell

The Cole Family

The Davis Family

Savannah Fite

The Graham Family

The Groark Family

The Hall Family

The Heckman Family

Codi Lucas

Lanah Matthews

The Miller Family

The Moore Family

The Peters Family

The Prater Family

The Rose Family

The Sheahan Family

The Tikovsky Family

The Whitman Family